How to Protect Your Boobie Investment

News flash! Breast implants are an investment. I don’t just mean a financial investment; more that they are an investment in yourself.

So, it’s a good idea to know how to protect your investment the best you can!

Following Post-op Instructions

It goes without saying that following the instructions from your surgeon is a super important part of ensuring your post-surgery journey is trouble free.

If you have a consultation with more than one surgeon (which I totally recommend!) you’ll soon realize that each surgeon has their own set of recovery instructions, don’t let this confuse you.

This doesn’t mean that any of them are more correct than others. Surgeons will give their post-op instructions based on your individual surgery, your body and their preferred methods during your surgery.

Heed the advice of your surgeon to maximize your chance of a flawless recovery!

Beyond Early Recovery

Beyond the first few days of your recovery (when all that will be on your mind are pillows, pain meds and sleep) your boobie journey becomes about getting used to the change to your body and how to keep your girls looking their best.

Unlike a carton of milk, breast implants don’t come with an expiration date.

There are a ton of varying opinions out there but most surgeons agree that your implants are safe in your body as long as there are no complications. This could be any amount of time (yes even a possible lifetime!).

The most common reason women change their breast implants is to change size. Either way it’s a long-term investment.

For all the time that you have breast implants there are a number of ways to protect your investment. You’ll want to keep your skin healthy and your implants supported (augmented breasts are still liable to sagging over time).

Skin And Scars

Check your surgeon’s instructions on this one; some like you to use specific treatments and some encourage massage (and some have no specific advice).

Either way, you will want to look after your skin and give your healed incisions a helping hand (shameless plug – check out my boobie butter and recovery kit!).

Bras, Bras And More Bras

Before your augmentation your bra vocabulary probably stopped at ‘push-up’… your surgery may introduce you to a whole new range of bras:

  • The surgical/post-op bra – your surgeon will guide you in what kind of bra to wear in your recovery period and beyond to support your girls.
  • The sleep bra – adjusting to sleeping with bigger boobs can be a challenge to begin with. I mostly still sleep in a bra at night. I just like to feel secure, and my own surgeon advocates supporting the girls whenever I can… gravity will still affect augmented boobs.
  • The sports bra – your breasts move a LOT when you exercise (up and down, sideways and in a figure of eight motion). You’re going to want to constrain them in a well-fitting sports bra.
  • The Other bras – before implants you’ll likely find that your pre-surgery boobs suit a particular type of bra (most of you are probably going to say push-up!). It’ll be no different after. A well fitting bra is essential with breast implants.  Get measured and get advice on bra styles after augmentation. As well as support you need to ensure wires don’t dig in to your implant edges *cringe*.

You have a very important role to play in ensuring your recovery and long-term relationship with your implants is a good one. Take good care of your girls!

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