Pre-Op Breast Augmentation Check List

With all of the anxieties that can arise around surgery day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not you will be comfortable when you return home. Of course, as with any surgery, you are guaranteed to have some pain when leaving the operating room.

However, there are things you can do (and some products you can purchase) that can guarantee a more comfortable recovery when you return home!


Here are a few essentials I would recommend purchasing and/or having on hand prior to the day of surgery:

Post-op Boobie Holder

My all time favorite post-op recovery bra is the RxBra, and for after the swelling goes down move to a Coobie. Both of them allow for easy removal and are made of breathable, comfortable material.

After my first BA I had a really hard time raising my arms for the first 3-4 days so the front closure on the RxBra was an absolute life saver!

I didn’t have any problems lifting my arms the second time around, so the Coobie worked well. In fact, my plastic surgeon put me in a Coobie before I even woke up from anesthesia! But keep in mind that your surgeon may have a specific post-op bra that he/she will want you to wear.

P.s. – RxBra has given us 15% off! Use promocode “EDEN15”

45 Degree Angle Pillow, My Angel

Woman reading laying on wedge pillow

This is one of the most necessary things I used during my recovery (as well as having pillows under both of my arms to keep them propped up). It’s already hard enough having to get out of bed during the first few days post-op, and with the sponge, you are already halfway there!

It is also made of memory foam, which makes it extremely easy to sleep on. (I’m a stomach sleeper and still managed to sleep sitting up using this successfully!)

Hot N Cold

Applying heat to your aching back and cold to your healing boobies can do so much for your overall comfort level during recovery.

I know many women who use and totally love these reusable ice packs.

I used frozen peas after one of my surgeries, which I do not recommend because the peas ended up defrosting and pea juice leaked from the bag and all over me. It was a great idea—but delivered a poor execution. I recommend the ice pack so you can refill it, and not wake up covered in defrosted vegetable juice.

I enjoyed using a heating pad for my back and side pain after my first BA, but I didn’t have that with my second- that time around I only wanted ice. You may or may not want this, but it is a good idea to have one on hand.

Get Things Moving Again

Constipation is almost guaranteed to happen so you will want to prepared! I recommend magnesium powder or herbal tea (Smooth Move is a good choice)—just not both at the same time! (Trust me on this one)

Read this article I wrote on the topic to really beat the post-op intestinal slow down.

Non-stick Gauze

Just in case you end up having some breakthrough bleeding, it may be helpful to have some of this on hand. Chances are this won’t be an issue for you but it’s definitely better to be over prepared!

Protect Your Investment

It is super important to do as much as you can to protect your new girls. That is where my Recovery Kit comes into play. Learn more about this boobie helper here!

Happy shopping and enjoy your boobie journey!

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