More Breast Augmentation Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of he said, she said going around about breast implants.


Some things you hear will turn out to be true. But, how do you find out which ones are false? Let me debunk a few more BA myths for you…

You Lose CC’s If You Go Under The Muscle

If you hear this it usually comes with the advice “go a bit bigger because you lose cc’s under the muscle“.

This one is like a game of telephone! Someone, somewhere, at sometime said “if your implants are under the muscle you’ll lose some cc’s“.

Who was it?! Because, they were wrong! Don’t take my word for it though, as Dr. Jeremy Pyle explains:

There are no lost cc’s by going under the muscle. The size of the implant is exactly the same whether it be above or below the muscle and it cannot go anywhere other than where it is.

So, this one looks like it was a piece of information that got got interpreted incorrectly and has been passed on again and again. Which is why I’m shouting this one out as not true!

Pick an implant size that is right for you and be guided by your wishes and the expertise of your surgeon. 25-50cc isn’t going to make that much difference.

After Surgery You Won’t Be Able To… Wipe Yourself


Girl, you shouldn’t be totally incapacitated after your surgery! Yet, I so often hear women saying you’re going to struggle to ‘self care’ after your BA.

There is a partial truth to this one in some cases. Your chest muscles will be tight and sore and reaching (up to shelves, and erm… behind your body) may be difficult.

Some women get concerned they won’t be able to pull their slacks and smalls up or down, and hence be able to attend to themselves after going to the rest room. So, for some women this is a truth for like the first 24 hours after surgery. It is totally dependent on your surgery though.

Don’t be worried by though… just be prepared if you are limited in your movement. Have your toiletries within reach. You could also wear loose clothing to make dressing (and undressing) easier.

And… it’s also worth noting that you may not even go to the bathroom in the first 24 hours as pain meds tend to slow things down.

You Won’t Be Able To Feel Your Nipples

Permanent loss of skin or nipple sensation is a real risk of breast implant surgery.

Surgery involves some trauma to your nerves and some of them may not recover. When you come round from surgery (and for weeks after) it is perfectly normal to have total nipple numbness.

The bigger the implants the higher the chance of temporary loss of sensation. Nerves in your chest will be stretched by your implants. As your body gets used to the implants and the swelling goes down you will regain sensation.

This is the interesting bit, because nerve regeneration is a strange sensation! In the BA community we refer to them as zingers, and they’re like rubber band snaps on your skin. Within about a year after surgery most women regain most of the sensation in their breasts and nipples.

So, again, this one is a partial truth.

Scarring Is A Big Problem


Nobody really likes scars. Depending when you get your incision (and if you have a lift) will depend on how visible your BA scars are.

You might be surprised to hear that scarring isn’t actually a big problem.

A skilled surgeon and great scar management by you after you surgery should mean that within a year your scars are barely visible.

Yes, they can be a bit scary at first but scar healing is a journey and within weeks of surgery you can start taking an active role in treating your scars (check out my scar salve!) and will see them fade away before your eyes.

Implants Will Cause Sagging


Girl, thanks to gravity, your chest is going to sag as you age. So, getting implants won’t necessarily increase the chance of your breasts drooping. It’s down to your anatomy and how stretchy your skin is.

That being said, the larger the implant the more it’ll weigh… and a larger (heavier) breast is going to be more prone to drooping over time. Bigger isn’t always better!

Any Surgeon Can Do A BA

Straight up this is totally not true! Just because breast augmentation is a common surgery does not mean any surgeon can perform it.

It takes years of training and experience in plastic surgery to be able to perform a BA and get great results.

Choosing a board certified surgeon is essential.

Someone who has a proven track record to give you the best results and minimize the risk of complications. See my article on how to pick a surgeon for more advice on getting the right surgeon for you!

Breast augmentation is surrounded by tons of rumor. Believing in something that’s untrue could scare you in to making the wrong choices or worse, away from getting the boobs of your dreams altogether.

The research stage of your boobie journey is so important to figure out what’s right for you… don’t be afraid to unpick anything you think to be untrue, and always remember- we are here for you!

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