Boob Job Recovery Milestones, Part 1

Pretty much as soon as my augmentation was scheduled I started thinking about my recovery…

How long before I can shower? Will I be able to actually sleep propped up? What about going to the gym?!?


So many questions! I asked my surgeon and I got the reassurance I needed about when I would be back to my normal self. Second time round I was a bit more prepared for how I’d be feeling (and crucially, when).

Here’s what some of your key recovery milestones might look like…

I’m skipping past the first 24 hours post-op because, for most of us, it’s a post-anaesthesia haze dedicated to nothing more than sleep and pain meds.

Recovery Milestone 1 – Going To The Bathroom

You may be covered in post-op bandages and dressings, be slobbing around the house in your PJS, and sorry to say it, unwashed… but your first goal is to poop!

The sooner you get this recovery milestone out of the way the better you’ll feel. If you find yourself struggling, no worries! I wrote an article on how to get things moving- read it here.

Recovery Milestone 2 – Being Pain Free

Realistically you’re likely to need the stronger meds (especially if you get your implants under the muscle) for the first 3-5 days.

You should aim to be on just Tylenol by the end of your first week post-op. Coming off your meds is a sure sign you’re almost back to being yourself!

Recovery Milestone 3 – Sleeping Soundly

Sleep may not come easily even though you’re tired.

When you can master comfortable sleep you’re going to start to feel way more like your usual self. Expect sleeping on your back propped up to take some getting used to and hopefully the broken sleep won’t be too frustrating.

Recovery Milestone 4 – Blow Drying Your Hair

Some surgeons let you have a full range of motion in your arms from the get-go. Others like you to limit lifting your arms above your head for a few days.

Either way you’re not going to feel like waving a hairdryer and wielding a brush too quickly.  My first good hair day came on POD 8.

Stay tuned for more recovery milestones in Part 2!

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