Julie Gets A New Lease on Adult Life

Jenny Eden: A few weeks back, I asked my friend, Dr. Paul Parker, if he’d had any recent breast augmentation patients whose story really inspired him. He immediately lit up and shared three wonderful stories with me. I told him that I would love to share them with you, and this is the first…

Perhaps one of the most touching transformations I’ve seen was “Julie.” At 17, Julie was getting ready to close the book on her high school experience, which had been emotionally difficult for her. Teased mercilessly by her classmates, Julie had been called a boy for as long as she could remember because of her small breasts…

She would return from school in tears almost daily.

As an athlete, changing in the locker room felt like torture. Her mother decided to take her to see a therapist who, after witnessing how distraught she was, eventually suggested that a breast augmentation would help Julie’s self esteem.

When Julie and her mother came to the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, I could immediately see the lack of confidence in her. It was hard to witness in a young, bright, and beautiful girl, and I was determined to help give her the hope and confidence she so craved. We planned her surgery for after she turned 18, between the end of high school and her freshman year of college.

A perfect time for a new beginning.

As a thin woman with an athletic build and a desire for natural results, Julie and I chose to increase her size moderately with the placement of lower volume implants.

After her breast augmentation and recovery, Julie was transformed. She was able to begin college with a newfound confidence, away from the former peers who had tormented her. A few months after surgery, Julie returned to the office a new person. We could all see a huge difference in her demeanor and the way she carried herself. But the thing I remember the most is when she smiled and told me I had changed her life.

How many people get to hear that in their profession?

Jenny Eden: I’ve met a lot of women who were teased at one point in their life or another because of breast size. I just can’t comprehend why anyone would be so unkind, and I’m thankful for people like Dr. Parker who feel compassion towards the hurting. Thank you again for sharing!

Dr. Paul M. Parker
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Paul M. Parker is a board certified plastic surgeon and the Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus, New Jersey. He has over 25 years of surgical experience and is recognized for his expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Parker is committed to providing his patients with thorough education, support, and superior care. Offering a number of breast enhancement options to his patients, Dr. Parker is known for providing natural results. Read more from Dr. Parker on his blog or see what his patients are saying about their results.

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