How Long Should I Wait to Workout After Getting Breast Implants?

If you are anything like me, getting back into a fitness routine is really high on the list of post-procedure priorities.

Believe me, I get it—just don’t forget that you just went through a fairly invasive procedure.

So be sure to give your body a little time to heal and recover before you start breaking it down again. To help you with timeframes, here’s my 3-2-1 countdown for getting back into the gym after an augmentation.

After your procedure, I want to you wait 3 days before getting out of bed to take a short walk.

Since I went down to Miami (from Nashville) for my augmentation, I walked back and forth in the hallway of the hotel. Remember to take it easy and to avoid stairs, elevators, or steep inclines—avoiding anything that could cause your breasts to bounce. Ouch!

Be sure to wait for at least two weeks before you even think about getting back to the gym.

And even then, take it VERY easy, not allowing your heart rate or blood pressure to get too high. Otherwise, you could cause delayed bleeding in your breasts. Don’t let that freak you out, just remember to take it easy as you begin ramping up your workouts.

Make sure to allow your breasts to heal for at least one month before resuming any type of high-intensity workout.

After all, you just spent thousands of dollars and don’t want to do anything that keeps your body from healing properly, right? After 4 to 6 weeks of proper recovery, you should be at the point where raising your arms above your head and lifting objects is feeling more comfortable.

Remember Your Supplements

One last thing… be sure that you are staying on top of your supplements during recovery, especially Bromelain and Arnica Montana. The one-two punch of these proven products will help make sure you get back into the gym as soon as possible!

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