How Will My Nipples Be Different After Getting Breast Implants?

Breast Implants and Nipples

Nipples. What a funny word. And whether you love to say it or even thinking it makes you cringe, it’s a really important part of the conversation about breast implants. They’re definitely a sacred part of the female body, which is why I had a lot of questions about what a boob job would do to them.

“Will it still feel good when they are touched? Will they get bigger with my new boobs? Will they be hard all the time? What if they point in different directions?” And worst of all…

“Oh God, what if they completely fall off?”

Because let’s be honest. We’ve all seen pictures of women with a breast augmentation and caught ourselves saying, “Wow, she looks amazi… wait a second… Where in the world are her nipples?”

Nipples are a big deal, y’all. They’re a lot like candles on a birthday cake…

They aren’t the main attraction, but it sure will ruin your day if something goes wrong with them.

So today, I want to help you get a better idea of what changes you can expect when you get breast implants.

Nipple Sensitivity

I’m going to start here, because it was my biggest concern—especially since I had already lost some sensitivity after getting my breast reduction with I was 18. Personally, I get a lot of pleasure from my nipples being stimulated, especially during foreplay. And having decided to have my implants placed through an areolar incision, my concern was increased.

The last thing I wanted was to feel more sexy, but enjoy sex less!

My surgeon was male, so he didn’t have any first-hand experience, so I asked all the women I knew who had implants. With the exception of one lady who had her inverted nipples corrected, I was shocked to find out that most of them hadn’t lost any feeling in their nipples.

In fact, many of them had gained sensitivity!

I’m excited to tell you that since my procedure, I’ve connected with thousands of women with breast implants, and the only group of women who seem to consistently lose feeling in their nipples are those who opt for very large implants. When I say “very large,” I’m talk about in the 800cc–1200cc range.

It’s not all of them by any means, but the extra pressure on the nerves in their nipples does seem to create a numbness that the rest of us don’t experience. Even still, it can happen to any of us, and it’s not super uncommon. So simply be aware.

Nipple Size & Position

Ok, so wouldn’t it make sense that if your boobs are getting bigger, your areolas would grow proportionately as well?

I did not want that to happen.

And you know what… it didn’t! In fact, it’s almost a given that when you get breast implants, your areolas will not go through a dramatic change. Will they stretch and measure a little bigger, most likely. However, it’s pretty rare that I see them increase proportionately to the size of the breast implant (and I look at a lot of boobs, y’all) 🙂

And what about the position of your areolas and nipples?

Here’s an important rule of thumb for you to remember… Getting breast implants doesn’t change the positioning you currently have.

In other words, if one nipple points a little to the left, it’s still going to point to the left after an augmentation. Or if one areola is a little lower, it’s still going to be lower (unless a surgeon makes intentional changes during your procedure).

Hard Nipples

For me, the biggest change I noticed about my nipples was how often they got hard. I covered this a little right here, but I’ll add that this didn’t happen as often after about 6 months. Once they had dropped and fluffed, they definitely calmed down a little.

Do they get hard more often than they did before I got implants, probably… but nothing super significant.

I hope this has helped to put your mind at ease about getting a breast augmentation, and I want you to know that I actually like my nipples more after getting a boob job. I think they look better and even more proportionate since getting implants, and I’ve heard countless women say the same 🙂

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