What If I Hate My New Boobs?

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse? Well, some people get implant remorse – too large, too small, too something.


There can be a massive weight of expectation that getting implants will be the plastic surgery equivalent of your fairy godmother (aka your surgeon) waving a magical wand (a scalpel) and ‘ta da’ perfect boobs.

Plastic surgery isn’t magic though!

What Have I Done?!

If you’re feeling depressed about your new boobs (perhaps you’re even hiding them or can’t face looking at them) you are not alone.

The most common disappointment women experience after breast augmentation is related to size… and usually that they’re too small (the dreaded boobie greed).

Feel reassured that most people go on to love their new boobs. If you’re still early in the healing process… give yourself a break. Boob greed/remorse/disappointment is tough.

Try A Little Tenderness

Having negative feelings about your size/shape can be a drain on your boob journey experience.

Be kind to yourself.

Having plastic surgery may make you feel like you’re striving for perfection and it’s hard to accept that perfection is impossible.

Getting implants is a big change to your body… give it time for you to adjust before making any final judgment about your new boobs.

What If I Miss My Old Boobs?

Perfection is a seductive concept but it doesn’t exist.  While there’s no such thing as Goldilocks ‘just right’ boobs, there is such a thing as the perfect boobs for you.

If your results aren’t what you expected try asking yourself what you expected. The girls are sisters, not twins so any asymmetry was probably there before.

What did you start with? There’s every chance your post-surgery boobs are better than before. Hopefully given the space and time to adjust to the changes you’ll learn to love them.

Talk To Your Surgeon

If you’re having negative feelings about your new boobs reach out to your surgeon. Your relationship with them shouldn’t end straight after surgery.

Tell them how you’re feeling. At the least you’ll be reassured and at the worst you’ll formulate a plan to head for revision.

If you’re really not falling for them after 6 months (when all the major settling should be done) this is the earliest a good surgeon would consider revisionary surgery for anything other than complications.

If you’re trying hard to love your new girls you’re halfway there. Just give yourself time. Plastic surgery isn’t magic… learn to find your own version of perfection!

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