Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation: The Letter ‘D’

The research bit of a boobie journey can feel a little bit like studying!


I’m a self-confessed nerd! I love to learn new things. And, I especially loved finding out about all things breast implants when I too first started by own boobie journey. (Previously working in Clinical Research helped!)

I’ve come a long way since then… and I’ve learnt a lot along the way.

Now I know my A, B, C’s… so let’s focus on the letter ‘D’!

To sum-up some of the common things related to breast implants that you may see, here’s my rundown of the all things ‘D’.

D is for…


The way you might explain the appearance of your pre-implant breasts when they’ve lost tissue fullness after breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging.

My breasts are deflated C (cup).


I’m hoping this is a word you never have to use after you’ve got implants. A deflation is when a saline-filled implant ruptures (gets a hole or tear in the implant shell). The deflation can be quite rapid (and therefore very noticeable) as all the saline inside the implant spills out. Leaked saline is not dangerous to your body. You will end up with a ‘deflated’ breast if a saline implant ruptures.



A Board Certified plastic surgeon will use their experience performing breast augmentation to do their very best to reduce the chances of a displacement complication.


Sometimes, however, an implant ends up in a place it shouldn’t be. An implant can displace:

  • Inwards – implants too close together
  • Outwards – implants too far apart
  • Downwards – implants can drop below the natural crease of the breast
  • Upwards – implants that don’t settle in to the pocket and ‘ride high’
  • Rotation – if the implant is shaped (teardrop/anatomical) and turns

If it happens it’s down to either surgical error and/or an unforeseen problem with your existing breast anatomy (e.g. weak tissues).

They’re all cosmetic (visual) complications and are corrected by revision surgery. Pick the right surgeon!


Double Bubble

Not to be confused with ‘bottoming out‘, a ‘double bubble‘ is a cosmetic complication after surgery where the implant settles low in the pocket and creates what looks like a second breast crease (hence the ‘double’ bit) that bulges (the ‘bubble’ bit). Most often caused by a technical surgical error (or implants too big for your body). Double bubble can improve over time but is most often corrected by a revision surgery.



When you’ve already got implants and (for whatever reason) you choose to replace them with smaller implants.


It does happen!



In some breast surgeries, some surgeons will use post-surgical drains. A drain is a small tube attached to a bottle that collects fluid (and/or blood) from a surgical site. It’s used to reduce the chances of infection and, with textured implants, helps them settle in to place.



One part of the settling (drop & fluff) of breast implants after surgery. The ‘drop’ bit refers to the implant ‘moving’ down into the breast pocket once the tissues and muscles have relaxed after surgery.


Dual Plane

One of four ‘planes’ (or location/placement) the implant can be placed in the breast, relative to the chest muscle.

In dual plane placement the implants are partially under the chest (pectoralis) muscle (the top part is under the pectoral muscle and the bottom part is under the breast tissue).


When you see words and phrases online about breast implants and breast augmentation it’s totally normal to be slightly overwhelmed! To start, check out my step by step beginners guide to a breast augmentation! Just remember, take it one step and a time and allow yourself to relax. 🙂

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