Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation- The Letter C

Handling the research part of your boobie journey in bitesize chunks is the best way to do it, otherwise it can all seem… a bit much.


Your bitesize chunk in this installment of Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation is the letter C!

Now I C…

Capsular Contracture

When the normal scar tissue in your breast (that your body forms around the implant) gets too thick and causes pain, discomfort and visual changes to your breasts by tightening around your implant. CC can only be corrected by a revision surgery.

Capsulotomy & Capsulectomy

Two types of surgical technique used to correct capsular contracture.

Capsulotomy = re-opening the incision and cutting open the capsule of thickened scar tissue around the implant to release the tension (done if the implant hasn’t ruptured and/or if the grade of CC is mild).

Capsulectomy = re-opening the incision, removing all the scar tissue around the implant, and removing the implant (which may be replaced) (done if the implant has ruptured and/or if the grade of CC is more severe).


Cubic Centimeters (cc’s) are the volume that implants are measured in.

It’s a measurement used for things that are liquid. So, a can of soda (330cc) will give you an idea of the volume of an implant that’s 330cc!


Implants come in sizes 100-800cc and the most popular size is between 300-400cc.

NB the weight of an implant will depend on the material (silicone or saline) it’s made from.


Cleavage is the very visual part of your breasts when they’re ‘pushed together’.

Bigger breasts does not automatically equal cleavage. Whether you’ll get cleavage with implants depends on your pre-BA anatomy.

Cohesive gel

A type of silicone filling in an implant. The silicone in cohesive implants is a thick texture so it can hold its shape and there’s less chance of rippling.


A word that’s able to strike fear in even the most hardy of patients.


Complications are a risk of any surgery. There’s a few you should be aware of before you step from your BA research to booking a surgery date. Being fully informed helps you make the right decisions on a boobie journey.


Hands down the number one best outcome of a breast augmentation for me (and for most women who choose to get breast implants). So much of what makes us feel ‘womanly’ is tied-up in our body image. If you are unhappy with your breasts and you have realistic goals from breast implant surgery the confidence an augmentation can give you is (as far as I can see) beyond measurement.


Not being able ‘to go’ is a common side effect (not-so-much a complication) after surgery. It’s because of the anesthesia, the pain meds and from being less mobile than normal. Check out my top tips on beating post-surgery constipation (and the associated belly bloat).


This is a key ‘C’ in your boobie journey. Consulting with (preferably more than one) Board Certified plastic surgeon is a turning point in your ‘idea’ to ‘action’ in getting breast implants. Use your consultation wisely (ask the right questions), be sure to properly communicate your augmentation goals, and only book your surgery when you’re 100% sure you’ve got the right surgeon and you’re 100% confident in their recommendations.


And last, but not least, the cost of breast implant surgery. Cost should not be a deciding factor in the surgeon you choose (after all, you get what you pay for). There’s no flat rate for a BA (it depends on too many factors).

You’re paying for the implants, your surgeon’s (and their surgical team’s) time, anesthesia, the use of the surgical facility, medications and follow-up care. Do your math, spend your money wisely (and preferably in cash – not credit) and be prepared to keep a ‘rainy day’ fund going. Breast implants are usually not lifetime devices… so, at some point, you’ll likely be looking at another surgery.

These are just a few of the things in category C to think about when you embark on a boobie journey. The time you invest before surgery to be informed about the process, the benefits, and the risks will help you prepare for the journey ahead 🙂

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