Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation- The Letter B

Chances are you’ve heard some weird things since you started your Boobie Journey. Don’t worry, I’ve rounded-up an explanation of some of those weird and wonderful things in Eden’s A-Z of Breast Augmentation!

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Let’s check out the letter ‘B’.

To ‘B’ or Not to ‘B’…


Surgery involves cutting, so some bleeding during surgery is expected. The more involved the surgery (e.g. a breast lift) the more chance of bleeding. Bleeding after surgery is a possible risk of a breast augmentation procedure, always check in with your surgeon if you experience post-op bleeding.


Urrrrghhhhh my belly is so bloated.

Bloating is an unpleasant possible issue you may experience in the first week or two after your surgery It’s totally normal (not a complication), it’s caused by anesthesia and pain medication and it will ease.

Board Certified

This is more than just a BA buzz word . It is the absolutely essential pre-requisite you need your plastic surgeon to be.

A Board Certified plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This will reassure you that your chosen surgeon is trained, qualified and experienced in plastic surgery.

Boob Farts

Erm… did my boobs just… fart?!

Yep! You heard it right. The ‘boob fart’ refers to the noise made by the movement of air in fluid around your breasts after surgery. It’s normal… and it’s also downright funny at times! Air gets in to the breasts during surgery and it’s gotta come out somehow… when it’s making it’s way out it makes your breasts sound like they’re gurgling.

Boob Freeze

This is totally a non-medical phenomenon!


As you’re adjusting to your new girls, the sensation when you have a cold drink (or get cold) that your boobs get cold too is boob freeze.

Boob Greed

I wish I’d gone bigger.

Pretty much all of us, at some point, think our new girls are smaller than we’d hoped for. When you think like this you’ve got a case of the green-eyed boob greed monster. Learning to love your new girls is all about getting your expectations right.

Boobie Blues

When you backpedal after surgery and think “what did I do?” you could be experiencing a case of the boobie blues. It’s a kind of post-op low mood that’s totally normal (anesthesia, pain, and the slow pace of healing can all contribute).

Above all, be kind to yourself. Know it’s a totally normal part of any boobie journey and you’re not alone.


Happy Birthday to…. my boobs!


The anniversary of your breast implant surgery may become a new event to celebrate! So many of us do and I’m with you if you do… let’s celebrate the day we made a positive body decision (and… pass the cake!).

Bottoming Out

A possible cosmetic complication where a breast implant (or implants – it can happen to one, or both) sink below the natural breast crease (because it’s not supported enough by the breast tissue) and the nipple points sky high. Can only be fixed by revision surgery.


The ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’.

Donate your pre-surgery bras, follow the rules for any post-surgery bras and enjoy the shopping experiences when you start buying your first new bras.

bras 2

Just don’t buy too many bras too soon as your breasts settle your size and/or shape may change.


Breastfeeding can be a bit of a hot topic after breast augmentation. There’s a chance you may have difficulties breastfeeding with implants depending mostly on your incision location, but there are also plenty of women who successfully breastfeed with implants. If you opt to get breast implants and plan to get pregnant in the future be sure to discuss your lifestyle fully with your chosen Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

To find out more about Breast Implant Illness check out my article, and always discuss any concerns you have about breast implants with your Board Certified plastic surgeon.



A bruise is the mark you see on your skin after there’s some bleeding in your tissues (caused by a trauma). Bruising after surgery (which is a form of trauma) is therefore normal. It’s usually quite minimal after a breast augmentation (again, it depends how involved your surgery is). Bruising is only a problem if it’s because there’s a lot of bleeding (caused by a hematoma).


The 100% private online community for women who have or want breast implants. It’s a great source of advice and support if you’re considering, or are already on, a boobie journey. Check it out here.

Buyer’s Remorse

Boobie buyer’s remorse is the feeling that you wish you’d done something differently in your BA (gone bigger or smaller, for example) or worst case scenario, wishing you’d never got implants at all. It happens, it’s normal and most women move past it.


Throwing a medical term at you to finish up the B’s in my boobie A-Z!

Breast Width Diameter is the width of the widest part of the bottom of your breast.

Don’t try and measure your BWD at home! Surgeons use a special tool to measure breasts to help them decide which implant size will ‘fit’ their patient’s body. As a general rule, implant diameter should not be larger than the width of your breasts otherwise it can cause issues with breast stretching and other visible complications.

Take the strain off this educational part of your boobie journey by handling it in bitesize chunks! 🙂

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