Review: RxBra for Post-Op Recovery

When I think of what a post-op recovery bra should look and feel like, I imagine something way too tight, choking me out… and not so flattering. But I recently discovered the RxBra and it has absolutely blown that stereotype away!

When I first put on the RxBra, the first thing I noticed was how it made me feel. Not from a comfort stand point, but from a “Wow, I have cleavage AND it’s for recovery!”.


The way it’s been designed leaves you feeling comfortable and sexy. Imagine feeling that way after surgery! That’s what I call a boobie blues buster! The look isn’t the only thing I’m impressed by though.

Raising your arms over your head post-op is a beast. You won’t want to do such a thing for at least a week. Luckily, this recovery bra has a front closure which can be put on easily after surgery. The straps crisscross in the back which helps to elevate any load from the shoulders. And here’s one of my favorite parts… the straps are adjustable velcro for when swelling goes down!


A word of caution: don’t throw this bra into your underwear drawer when you’re done unless you’ve velcro’ed the straps back into place. Otherwise they’ll attach to your undies or socks (because that’s what I did – HA.)

The intentionality behind this recovery bra and attention to detail has been sooo impressive. While I was expecting a more snug fit, there is a reason why it’s not as tight. The fabric used (Nylon/Spandex with Far-Infrared yarn) is a medically proven vasodilator, which means it promotes circulation, increases tissue oxygen levels, enhances cell vitality and regulates body temperature.

When I was recovering from my first BA, I didn’t have a fancy recovery bra and I was super hot and sweaty from laying down and having such heavy fabric around my swollen boobies. You don’t want to go through that.. trust me. This recovery bra is so light, it’s breathable and enhances blood circulation. How awesome is that?


While it doesn’t have a bunch of fancy colors and cute patterns, that’s really the last thing that matters when you’re laid up in bed, drugged, with a pillow fort all around you. All you need is comfort and recovery. I would highly recommend this post-op recovery bra. It comes in 2 basic sizes (S/M & L/XL).

And a big thank you to RxBra for giving all of us a coupon code: “EDEN15” for 15% off!!

Link: https://www.rxbra.com/

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