Interview with Dr. Robert Colgrove, Jr. from Atlanta, GA

Today I had the privilege if interviewing Dr. Robert Colgrove, Jr. of Vinings Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA! He has 30+ years of experience and a passion for patient satisfaction. I can’t wait for you to get to meet him!

Dr. Robert Colgrove

Where The Passion Began

Dr. Colgrove spent a lot of time in plastic surgery while going through his internship and residency and gained experience through working with accident victims and trauma cases. He instantly became intrigued by it and realized that plastic surgery was a great fit for him.

The cosmetic side of plastic surgery allows Dr. Colgrove to do something positive and uplifting for his patients, and it’s clear that he appreciates the art and psychology of a breast augmentation. As a surgeon, Dr. Colgrove understands that you’ve probably been thinking of this procedure for a long time, and he is happy to be able to help you externally and internally!

Creating a Great Experience

I love how Dr. Colgrove has a passion for patient satisfaction. He only has 1 office, so his time isn’t split between 2 locations! And like any great surgeon, he spoke highly of his staff and how they’re an essential part of creating your world-class experience.

Speaking of his staff, most of his team has been with him for several years and I’ve personally experienced them as very knowledgeable and helpful.

Because Dr. Colgrove has chosen to only have 1 facility, he’s able to be extremely present in your experience. He encourages you to come in anytime you need him. And if he’s not available due to surgery, then his office nurse will see you immediately.

I love that they make themselves so accessible!

Check this out.. The Vinings Surgery Center is accredited which is a huge advantage concerning your safety! It’s not even a requirement in Georgia, but they go the extra mile to ensure the best standards are met for you.

And because they have their own surgery center, it keeps their costs down so their augmentations can be priced lower than others in the area. They are close to the Atlanta airport and surrounded by hotels which makes them a great option if you’re coming from out of town, as well 🙂

Advice from Dr. Colgrove

When considering a breast augmentation, Dr. Colgrove encourages you to read surgeon reviews and to watch YouTube videos on other women’s experience. This will help you to feel more comfortable before your own procedure.

Dr. Colgrove also offers complimentary consultations!

Half of his practice is breast augmentations or lifts so he’s extremely experienced with all different kinds of implants, and he’s also one of only 2 doctors in the Atlanta area who offers the new IDEAL Implant—which is a great solution for women who don’t want silicone.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, you absolutely must check out out Dr. Colgrove at The Vinings Surgery Center. The combination of his personal experience and incredible staff, I’m certain that you will have a great experience from beginning to end 🙂

Dr. Robert Colgrove
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Whether you wish to restore a youthful facial appearance, increase breast size or create beautiful body contours, Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., M.D. understands that each patient is unique and he strives to enhance his or her appearance with skill and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Dr. Colgrove recognizes that plastic surgery is an art that requires an attention to detail to deliver outstanding surgical results. He draws upon his vast experience to provide surgical enhancements that are tailored to each patient’s individuality and unique beauty. He has an impeccable reputation, many loyal patients and is well regarded in the healthcare industry due to his his dedication.

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