Eden Interviews: Dr. Joubin Gabbay of Beverly Hills, CA

Today, I’m very excited to introduce all you ladies to Dr. Joubin Gabbay—an incredible plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, California!

Dr. Joubin Gabbay from Beverly Hills

I’ve recently had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Gabbay, and I love how much of a “high thinker” that he is. He isn’t unapproachable or highbrow, and yet he has the ability to see so many different perspectives.

Dr. Gabbay is not only educated in the medical world, but also fine arts and architecture. He grew up watching his dad work as an architect and loved the creative aspect of it and thought maybe he would follow in dad’s footsteps and become an architect… but the older he got, the more he noticed how it wasn’t the best profession for him to go into. As an architect your designs can get shut down in a heartbeat and you have to go back to the drawing board and start over. It snuffed out the artistic freedom which is something that is important to Dr. Gabbay.

In college, Dr. Gabbay got into science and medicine, and knew right away that this was for him. He loved it. He felt a deeper connection when learning about science. It wasn’t just about memorization, but he approached it through creativity and different perspectives to fully understand what it was he was learning.

When he started a plastic surgery rotation in medical school, Dr. Gabbay knew that was the dream for him. He loved that plastic surgery is a rare field that uses the body to solve the problem, whether that’s through reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. There’s way more variability in how to approach or tailor a surgery to an individual… it’s a blend of artistic thinking and creativity, because it requires you to solve problems in different ways.

Patient care is something that Dr. Gabbay highly values.

Informing the patient is his first goal, even from the first phone call. He wants his patients to know that they are safe and can relax. He spends at least an hour on every consultation because he wants to educate the patient to the point that when they leave, they feel confident. The more informed they are, the better they feel—reducing anxiety.

His goal is for his patients to feel completely taken care of.

People are happier that way and tend to have a smoother recovery. Experience is just as important as the final results, and sometimes even more so.

Dr. Gabbay’s advice to women who are considering an augmentation would be to find someone they trust who has breast implants so that they can ask them questions. Also when researching information, find a trustworthy, unbiased, not sugarcoated resource. And lastly, you’ve got to find the right doctor for you. It’s important to find a surgeon that’s a board certified plastic surgeon, who has a lot of experience, and knows what they are doing 🙂

Thank you again to Dr. Gabbay for taking the time out of his day to hang out with us!

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Dr. Joubin Gabbay
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Safety, skill, and confidence are among the most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. Dr. Gabbay and the staff at Gabbay Plastic Surgery take pride in ensuring that patient expectations regarding these factors are not only met, but are vastly exceeded.

Gabbay Plastic Surgery is a full-service plastic and cosmetic surgery practice located in Los Angeles, California, offering the entire range of plastic surgery procedures—from minimally-invasive measures, to comprehensive cosmetic surgical procedures for both men and women. Whether patients are seeking dramatic or subtle surgical enhancements, Gabbay Plastic Surgery has a procedural option to meet those needs.

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