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Dr. Pyle’s Favorites

Tacos from Gonza Tacos y Tequila

Royal Tenenbaums & Good Will Hunting

I have so many. Johnny Cash has been pretty constant though.

Breaking Bad and The Office

My daughter Eloise has made me appreciate favorite colors. Mine is black.

Fight Club and anything by Steinbeck

A Note from Eden

Dr. Pyle did an incredible job on my breast augmentation, and I couldn’t be happier that I flew to Raleigh for my procedure. To find out why I chose Dr. Pyle as my surgeon, watch this video!

Before and After Photos

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Before and After Breast Implant/Augmentation Photos

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Dr. Pyle’s Patient Reviews

There’s nothing more important than taking the time to read what Dr. Pyle’s past patients say about their experience. Here are links to the best sources:

Real Self Breast Augmentation Reviews

Healthgrades Breast Augmentation Reviews

Yelp Breast Augmentation Reviews

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