Interview: Dr. Don Revis (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Don Revis of South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He loves what he does, has a heart for serving others, and gives back to his community. I’m excited for you to get to meet Dr. Revis!

First things first… I had to ask Dr. Revis what was up with his Bachelors degree in Zoology. Turns out it isn’t because he wanted to be a zoo-keeper (though that would’ve been a funny story to tell!).

Dr. Revis knew he wanted to go into medicine, but he was unsure of what direction to go… so in an effort to dodge all the plant courses he’d have to take through the traditional biology route, we went the Zoology route.


Luckily for us, in medical school, Dr. Revis discovered how well plastic surgery fit his values of both art and science.

Dr. Revis is really proud of serving his patients with what he calls “Compassionate Care.” He understands how plastic surgery can seem very flashy and have a bad rep at times. I simply love how Dr. Revis is an honest, ethical, strong Christian who takes his profession and his relationships with his patients seriously. And since 70% of his patients come from out of town, Dr. Revis makes himself available 24/7.

One of my favorite parts about Dr. Revis is how he understands a procedure is a big deal and a unique experience to each patient. He is so intentional about approaching each patient knowing this isn’t an everyday thing for them like it is for him.

Some surgeons easily lose sight of this, but Dr. Revis was very aware and intentional about seeing the experience through the eyes of his patients and giving them the compassion they needed.

Fun fact! Dr. Revis’ favorite organization is Scouting!!

He is an Eagle Scout and a Scout Leader! All 3 of his kids are also Scouts! He spoke very passionately about it, and I could tell this was something that really mattered to him. He tells his kids that nature is their X-box! (I love that), and he always takes 12 camping trips a year! 🙂

If you’ve heard the term “Internal Bra” you’ll be glad to know it was coined by Dr. Revis! He took a procedure he was seeing others do, and figured out a unique technique that worked better…

The Internal Bra was born!

If you’re not familiar with the Internal Bra, it’s designed to help hold the implant in place internally like a bra… and women with bottoming out really benefit from this type of procedure. Dr. Revis does 5-6 revisionary cases a week for bottoming out, so I would say he’s an expert at this! Personally, I’ve seen a lot of women’s results who have had the Internal Bra from Dr. Revis, and their results are nothing short of beautiful.

His work is an art for sure.

When I asked what advice he would give women who are considering a breast augmentation, he encourages women to get plugged into a community and get connected. It’s great to have people rally around you and make you feel comfortable and understood.

Lastly, I pointed out that Fort Lauderdale isn’t lacking in plastic surgeons, and asked what he feels like gives his practice a distinct advantage… He said experience is extremely important. Dr. Revis is double-board certified (which means he has gone the extra mile to become a better surgeon), he works with a board certified anesthesiologist, and his procedures are performed in a hospital!

Dr. Revis has a good heart for serving others with excellence. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area, I would encourage you to check him out at http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/. He’s gold.

Dr. Don Revis
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Revis is a double board certified plastic surgeon located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is well-known for his amazing plastic surgery results, particularly when it comes to breast augmentation surgeries and breast augmentation revision surgeries. Patients often travel great distances in order to have their procedure(s) performed by Dr. Revis.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Duke University, Dr. Revis went on to the Medical University of South Carolina where he received his Doctor of Medicine degree. Following his general surgery residency at George Washington University Medical Center, Dr. Revis carried out his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Florida, and finally, a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at Plastic Surgery Associates of Miami, Florida.

Dr. Revis has also devoted time to volunteer medical missions such as Project Senegal and Interplast.

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