Dealing with the Plastic Surgery Haters

It doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life.  Whatever you do, someone will judge you for it.

Not everyone is going to understand your decision to get breast implants, and not everyone is going to be supportive.  So, how do you deal with the plastic surgery haters?

Innocent or Rude?

Before I embarked on my own boobie journey I would have called myself ‘breast implant naive’ (as in, I didn’t know very much about breast implants, the journey, and other people’s reasons for embarking on surgery).

Most people who are going to judge you fall into this category. Annoying sure, but innocent.

From the minute I told the first friend that I was thinking of getting breast implants right through to the present day I have encountered something altogether different from simple innocent naivety…. I’ll simply call it being rude!

Say What?!


Let me break it down even further, I’ve experienced two specific kinds of anti breast augmentation negativity:

Indirect –a conversation or debate about plastic surgery with people who don’t know you’ve had an augmentation. They may have negative judgements but they aren’t directed specifically towards you.

Here’s an example of some indirect judgment you may overhear…

How sad is it that someone would feel so unhappy with their body that they feel they need to change it by having plastic surgery?”

Direct –someone who knows you have or are considering breast implants and still shares their negative judgement.

I mean, what if being flat chested comes back in to fashion?”

I think you’re crazy! You’re already gorgeous but if you think it’s needed that’s good enough for me.

That last one was an actual response from one of my friends when I told her I was getting breast implants #shockedface. I wasn’t expecting that response!

You could say it’s positive, but at the time I remember thinking ‘I don’t need your approval’. And that realization is pretty key.

See It From Their Perspective

Here are my top strategies for dealing with the haters…

Try to see it from their perspective! Maybe their negative response is rooted in their naivety about breast augmentations. It can be difficult to give a positive response to something if you don’t understand or know anything about it.

Handle negativity graciously. It’s natural to be defensive if someone says something negative to you.

Rather than biting back hold your head high! This is an investment you have made in yourself, not them.

Confidence when responding to someone’s negativity often knocks them off their feet.

Don’t let the self-doubt creep in. “Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be” (Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City). Don’t worry about pleasing other people, seriously!

Often the haters release their verbal tirade and move on. It’s still not easy hearing it though because we all like to be validated, respected and appreciated.

As long as you’re happy and proud of yourself forget what everyone else says! You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Your life is yours, not theirs.

Be comfortable with yourself, be strong and confident and make choices that are right for you. Whether it be your boobs, or your clothes or your hobbies, we all bring our own uniqueness to life. 🙂


Hi, ladies!

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