The Details on Curvy Girls and Breast Implants

A curvy figure has long been considered a feminine ideal (think classic hourglass).


Most women undergoing a breast augmentation do so to gain a sense of body proportion and gain body confidence, curvy girls included!

If you class yourself as a curvier gal and you’re considering a breast augmentation here’s my lowdown on the key parts of your surgery.

What’s on the Inside Matters Most

Weight alone should not exclude you from surgery.

Although there’s no set weight limit for a BA, you should at the very least be healthy if you’re considering a breast augmentation.

Surgery is best planned when you’re at a weight you’re happy with (and can maintain). Weight changes after your BA (up and down) can have undesirable results on your breasts. To learn more about post-op weight changes, read this article!

If this is where you’re at, you can step on to the next stage of a BA journey and consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.


If a surgeon thinks you are an unhealthy weight (if your BMI is higher than 30 the risks after surgery are greater), they may suggest losing weight before undergoing surgery.

A surgeon is responsible for your safety and their job is to minimize any surgical risks.

Generally, if you are carrying a lot more weight than your frame should carry you stand a greater chance of medical and aesthetic complications. Risks like blood clots, wound healing problems and infection increase with an unhealthy weight.

Same Goals

To consider you a good candidate for a breast augmentation, your surgeon will be checking that you are healthy (body and mind) to undergo surgery and that your expectations and goals are realistic and deliverable for you.

Whatever your body shape and weight, your BA process will be the same. And a key part of that is knowing your augmentation goals.


Depending what your goals are there may be a few things you need to consider:

  • You may get the best aesthetic from a breast lift (as well as implants) if there is any sagging or drooping of your existing breasts
  • You may need a pretty large implant if you are starting off with a wide BWD (breast width diameter – the measurement a surgeon makes of your existing breast, and uses to determine implant choices).

In general, the largest implants are 800cc.

The key message is: start your journey when you’re ready. The process of being ready is in the body… and mind.

Going in to surgery at a weight you’re comfortable with is in important. When you consult with a surgeon they’ll be basing the way they fulfill your augmentation goals on your current physique.

If you’re self-conscious about your weight or body shape I’d still encourage you to seek a consultation. After all, your surgeon’s job is to help you reach your body goals.

Whatever weight or shape you are a breast augmentation can help you achieve a sense of body proportion. What your plastic surgeon recommends will be based on YOUR anatomy. So, be bold, be proud and make a positive change 🙂

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