Considering a Second Opinion for Your Breast Augmentation

There are some times in life when the first answer you get is the right one…

quick yes

And there are other times, when you should definitely get a second opinion.

Choosing the Board Certified plastic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation may well be one of these times.

The Right One for the Right Job

I’ve said it before, but picking your surgeon is like finding the perfect partner.

Getting breast implants is a big life decision and one you’ll be taking after lots of thought, research and careful consideration.

For some of us finding our ‘perfect’ surgeon is an easy process… and for others it takes a bit more groundwork.


It does happen… you could totally gel with the first surgeon you consult with and be 100% confident this is the one for you. But, that’s not always the case.

So, when should you consider getting a second opinion?

In most cases I’d recommend consulting with a few board certified plastic surgeons. It can be really helpful to understand the possible different ways to reach the augmentation goals you’re seeking. You may get several different opinions… one will certainly resonate with you, and a consensus may even emerge.

Now, there’s no magic number of opinions to seek but there can come a point when you’re just confused by too many different opinions! You can certainly help minimize the chance of this by doing your research before stepping through a surgeon’s office door.

Ultimately, you should go with the surgeon that you trust and understand their rationale for the implant and surgical choices they recommend.

Red Flags and Complications

The other times on your BA journey when you may well consider a second opinion is if a consultation raises a red flag (e.g. the consultation isn’t even with the surgeon) or if you experience any complications and need a revision surgery.

If you ever experience a red flag you should seek another opinion.


Complications do happen and if you find yourself in this position always go back to your original surgeon to see how they’ll help resolve any issues.

If they don’t have the right experience to correct a complication (e.g. symmastia repair, when you’ll need a surgeon who is experienced at carrying out complex breast revision surgery) then’s the time to seek another opinion.

Food for Thought

If you’re not sure if it’s worth getting a second opinion (at any time during your BA journey) just feeling uncertain may be reason enough.

If you choose to get a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth… etc!) opinion a great place to start is on EdenKnowsImplants.com. I’ve put together a very select group of plastic surgeons from across the US that I would personally trust with my own augmentation! You can learn more about them here. 🙂

Sometimes, when we don’t like what we hear, we don’t listen. When it comes to your new girls though that’s not the best approach!

Whether you gel with the first surgeon you see or you’re not sure whether a surgeon is right for you it’s always worth getting a few opinions when you decide to get breast implants. Getting this first step right is the key to getting your boobie journey off to the best start 🙂

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