Choosing Your Breast Implants, Smooth or Textured?

One of the many decisions you and your surgeon will be making on your Boobie Journey is whether smooth or textured implants are right for you.

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Don’t feel overwhelmed! Learn the basics here and as always, trust your surgeon.

Whatever implant you choose will have an outer shell made of silicone, and that shell will be either smooth, or textured!


Each shell feels different to the touch and your surgeon will have their reasons for suggesting one or the other.

First off, there is one general concept to implant outer shells:

An anatomical (teardrop) implant always has a textured shell, and a round implant can have either a smooth or textured shell.

Once you’ve chosen implant shape that will determine your options for outer shell. Here’s a brief run down of what each outer shell choice might mean for you…

Smoothly Does It

A smooth breast implant outer shell is… well… smooth! The surface looks shiny and slippery.

Smooth implants are the most common choice of breast augmentation patients and plastic surgeons today.

They have a few key features:

  • Smooth implants tend to be the softest (and feel more natural) because the outer shell is thinner
  • They can be placed through a smaller incision
  • There is less chance of implant palpability (feeling the implant) and visibility

Because of the smooth surface, once these implants are placed in your body the surrounding tissue will not attach to the implant. So, smooth implants can move around inside your breast freely.


Many women like this feature of smooth implants as it can simulate the movement of natural breast tissue.

But the mobility of a smooth implant does mean they have the potential downside of implant displacement (when your implants move too far out of place – like bottoming out or lateral drift, which is when implants move out to the edges) over time.

Rough Over Smooth

A textured implant has a second layer of textured silicone which feels (before it goes in your body!) a bit like sandpaper.

Textured implants were created back in the 1980s to minimize the risk of capsular contracture. Although the evidence isn’t conclusive, so the main reason a textured implant is used it to ensure the overlying breast tissue sticks (or ‘adheres’) to the implant.


The rough surface of a textured implant encourages the tissues in your breast that surround the implant to form a fibrous capsule (this is totally normal!). This adherence means the implant position can be stabilized and reduce the chances of implant displacement.

And when you have a shaped implant you DEFINITELY want adherence to happen because it keeps the implant in the right position… no one wants a rotated anatomical implant!

Some surgeons think textured implants may not feel (they have a stiffer shell) or move as naturally as smooth implants, so they’re used more selectively. They do tend to be used for revisions after capsular contracture.

Which Choice Is Best?

In all things breast implants there is no ‘best’ anything! There will be what’s right for you though. So, knowing which implant outer shell type is the right choice for you will depend on a few things:

  • Your before breasts, skin and tissues
  • What your lifestyle is like
  • What your boobie goals are

AND it depends on what shape (round or anatomical) implant you choose. So, you can only make a meaningful choice once you’ve consulted with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced in breast augmentation. THIS is the only way to take the guesswork out of implant selection!

There’s no magic rule to implant outer shell choice.

The bottom line is, that each has subtle trade-offs and no one type is better than the other. And if you’re ever not sure… it’s okay to step back and rethink. That way, you’ll be able to make the right choices for a positive boobie journey 🙂

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