Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular and there are seriously a ton of options when it comes to choosing your surgeon. Unfortunately it’s not always an easy choice!


This is an important part of your boobie journey, in fact I’d say it’s the most important. Getting the right surgeon for you is like… finding the perfect partner!

So, how do you find the one?

Reputation and Experience

Before you even book a consultation with a surgeon you should do your research and check their credentials. It’s important that they are board certified and are experienced when it comes to breast augmentations.

The first surgeon I looked into turned out to specialize in facial cosmetic surgery and just did breasts occasionally. I’m sure he was a great surgeon but I wouldn’t have been confident letting him carry out my breast augmentation.

A great place to start is on EdenKnowsImplants.com, I’ve put together a very select group of plastic surgeons from across the US that I would personally trust with my own augmentation! You can learn more about them here. 🙂

Check surgeon’s websites for any testimonials, and before and after galleries. You might even want to drop their office an email before you book a consultation and see how patient-orientated they are.

Getting To Know You

It’s a huge red flag if you don’t get to meet your surgeon before your surgery! The consultation is a key part of your surgeon search and if you don’t even meet them, well, how can you be sure they’re the right one for you?


The consultation is your time to make sure that what you want (your boob goals and wishes) can be achieved, and if this is the surgeon who can help you get there.

For example, if you’re wanting a more enhanced look and the surgeon prefers a more natural look, it’s not likely going to be the best fit. Your surgeon needs to work with you to help you achieve a look you are happy with!

Some surgeons offer a free consultation but others will charge a fee. Sometimes though a consultation fee can be taken off your surgery fees if you go ahead with that surgeon.

You should definitely see more than one surgeon! Don’t feel pressured to stay with a surgeon just because you’ve paid a fee and are worried about money.

Cosmetic surgery is a BIG investment… don’t let the consultation fee sway your decision. This is definitely a case where you have to speculate (i.e. spend) to accumulate (your new breasts).

Gut Instinct

Girl, I’m a big believer in gut instinct… if it doesn’t feel right, make another consultation with a different surgeon. My first consultation (the face guy) not only looked wrong on paper it felt wrong.

I’ve heard lots of women say they just knew  when they’d found the right surgeon after a consultation. I felt this way about the surgeon I picked for my revision.

It can be super exciting to get that first consultation under your belt, but don’t go with the first surgeon just because you’re feeling impatient… don’t make this kind of decision in haste.

Take your time!

This early “picking your surgeon” stage of a boobie journey can leave you feeling like the tortoise in the kids fable… it can be a slow process, taking time to set up consultation appointments and then time to find a date in your chosen surgeon’s schedule for your surgery.

But trust me, it definitely pays not to rush this stage.

Once you find your surgeon it’s an exciting moment- turning the intention in to a plan. Go with the one that just feels right! 🙂

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