Choosing an Areola Incision With Your Breast Augmentation

You can’t escape it girl, a boobie journey is full of choices and you and your surgeon will need to make some decisions together when it comes to the details.


One of those decisions will be “Which incision site?”… (read more about the incision decision.)

There are 3 main approaches used in breast augmentation, and one of your options is to have your implants placed in an incision around your nipple.


To place implants via this incision site the surgeon makes their surgical cut in a curve along the bottom part of the areola edge.

nipple incision 2


You may decide this incision site is appealing to you if:

  • You want a concealed scar – The color transition at border of the areola to the skin on your breast can be a great place to hide an incision as the scar (once it has fully healed) can be almost invisible. If you naturally form thicker scars this may be a good incision choice for you.
  • You want your areola and nipple re-shaped, re-sized or re-positioned – You’d need an incision completely around your areola, but if you need any surgery to your nipples as part of your breast augmentation it makes sense to use the nipple site to place the implant too.
  • You have large areolas – Some of us have naturally larger nipples and some of us have gotten larger nipples after pregnancy and breastfeeding. If your nipple diameter is 4cm or bigger you have lots of options in terms of implant size, placement (under or over the muscle) and the type (silcone or saline) that can be placed via this incision site.

lie 2

But, the nipple incision isn’t suitable for everyone!

There are some possible downsides:

  • It doesn’t work for anatomical/teardrop implants – That’s because they need precise pockets cutting and very precise placement of the implant (so the shaped implant sits in the right position), which aren’t possible via the nipple.
  • There are risks of sensation change/loss – There’s about a 2-5% chance of nipple sensation loss. This incision site requires direct cutting of the nipple and more dissection through the breast tissue. The more extensive the surgery, the more chance of nerve damage.
  • It can limit implant size – It can be difficult to get a large implant in a very small areolar incision. If a super-sized implant is what you’re looking for this incision type won’t work for you.
  • Increases the risk of breastfeeding difficulties after surgery – There’s about a 1 in 5 chance you’ll have difficulties breastfeeding if implants are placed via a nipple incision. An aerola incision is more likely to cause damage to the nerves and ducts used during breastfeeding.

Ultimately, breast implant incision site is something that you should decide with your surgeon. Not all options are possible for everyone.

What’s most important is to find a good Board Certified plastic surgeon, communicate your goals and trust their judgement!

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