Breast Implants and Tuberous Breasts

It should come as no surprise that natural breasts come in all different shapes and sizes.


The most common shape of breasts is considered to be round, or teardrop-shaped.

Another type of breast shape is tuberous (or tubular).

Tuberous (or tubular) breasts are so-named because they have a tube-like shape to them.

Tubular Breasts

Breasts end up tuberous if the breast tissue doesn’t fully develop during puberty. Tuberous breasts can be asymmetrical, droopy and unusually far apart. It can also affect one or both breasts.

Tuberous breasts will look different because of:

  • Asymmetry – different shaped/sized breasts
  • Constriction – caused by tight bands of tissue within the breasts and a lack of breast skin, which makes the breasts look too narrow
  • Small in size or underdeveloped (called ‘hypoplasia’)
  • A high inframammary fold (breast crease) – this may make the nipples appear to be too low or down pointing
  • Puffiness or bulging of the nipples


A New Shape

Tuberous breasts can impact greatly on a woman’s psychosocial well-being and sense of self, as it’s easy to feel self conscious when your breasts look different from everyone else’s.

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You may already know you have tuberous breasts, or you may find out after consulting with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Tubular breasts are in fact pretty common.

Either way, breast augmentation surgery can help restore shape and balance to your breasts.

If you have tuberous breasts and consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon you may discover you need two surgeries (it’ll depend on how tuberous your breasts are).

The surgeon may choose to use tissue expanders (inflatable, temporary implants) to stretch any muscles and skin (to make room for the implants). Then, a few months later the expanders are replaced with the actual implant!

After surgery, tuberous breasts with implants will have improved shape and fullness.

Whether it’s done in one or more surgeries, augmenting tuberous breasts is a complex process. So, it’s super important to find a leading plastic surgeon with expertise in correcting tuberous breast deformities

If you have tuberous breasts, a breast augmentation can help you reach your boob goals. Here’s to future happiness with your new girls 🙂

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