Shopping for Bras After Your Breast Augmentation

I LOVE writing articles like this! Being able to talk about the positive outcomes of breast augmentation is really empowering. And bras… girl… you are going to have a lot of FUN with bras when you have your new girls.

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I swear, after my first augmentation, I had to take a crash course in all things brassiere! There are all sorts of bras. And there are definitely before and after breast implant bras.

My relationship with bras pre-BA was a very simple one… a couple of ‘trusty’ bras and all pretty much the same style!

Here’s my list on some of the things you may want to know about bras after your breast augmentation.

The Post-Surgical Bra

Love it or hate (and I’ve heard it all on Bustmob about the ups and downs) the first bra you wear after your surgery (if your surgeon recommends one) will be more about healing than style (Unless you opt for the RxBra!)


You’re also going to have to learn to bide your time too because you’ll likely be in it for several weeks. To get over any discomfort or frustration, think of it as your training bra… you will be moving on to greater (and bigger) things!

The Sports Bra

You may find yourself in one of these after surgery (it’s a lot of surgeon’s choice of post-surgical bra). If you want to protect your investment a sports bra is an essential part of your new bra wardrobe.

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You want to keep the new girls supported when you’re active. The good news is not all sports bra are uncomfortable and ugly… and you will SO rock one! In all honesty, I wear sports bras 90% of the time. I mean, if I can have cleavage in a sports bra, then why not skip the underwire altogether?!

Sexy, Pretty Bras

Ok so, in reality, many of us don’t ditch ‘padded/push-up’ bras after implants. You’ll still want to enhance the new girls from time to time and what was once probably your bra staple will now be a well-timed visual treat (for you and your special someone!).

What you may find though is that you discover a whole new range of bras that you never considered before… enter the non-wired (super comfy) and non-padded (WOW my boobs can look ace without padding!) bras!

And when you look good, you feel good 🙂

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Your boobie journey can take a really interesting route when you start your new bra adventure. Shopping for new clothes and bras is one of the most exciting milestones after a breast augmentation.

There’s a chance you’ll find some bras just don’t fit or suit you (I have trouble with balconette bras) and the quest for new bras can, at times, feel (dare I say it) impossible. But, once you do find styles and brands you like, don’t be afraid to have fun!

If you stick to the bra rules – keep them supported, get sized (don’t guess – you need any new bras to fit well), and DON’T wear an underwire (or push-up bra) until you’re cleared – you can have so much fun trying on and splurging (be sure to save and budget for this bit!) on your new bra wardrobe.


I hope you too can have a more positive relationship with bras, with your new girls, and with yourself 🙂


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