Bra Etiquette with Breast Implants

More likely than not you’re wearing the wrong size bra…I know, shocker!


Apparently, the average woman changes bra size SIX times in her lifetime. So, it’s not surprising that you could be wearing the wrong size bra.

But, bra etiquette… “What’s that?” I hear you asking. Well, there are a few essential bra rules for ladies with implants. Read on to find out more…

General Rules

Every surgeon has their own ‘rules’ but generally it goes like this:

  • Post-op bras that offer some compression in the first 3-6 weeks after surgery
  • 4-6 weeks post-op you’ll be cleared to wear a bra with an underwire (you really don’t want anything irritating a crease incision scar while it heals) but no push-up bras just yet… and definitely don’t go out and buy a ton of fancy bras (read on to find out why not)

Be sure to check with your own surgeon about their specific recommendations as every surgeon is different.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Braholder

Bras are expensive and they aren’t even the most comfortable item of clothing you own! Your bra’s job is support… so it should be snug (not tight).

After you’ve ditched whatever post-surgical number you’ll be wearing, settling in to your new bras will have a profound effect on how you look and feel. It’s worth the time (lots of time) and the money to buy yourself some good quality bras.

And that’s especially true when you’re squeezing your implants into one.

You Can Never Have Enough Bras

And hopefully it is more than just the one bra!

Do you find yourself reaching for the same trusty bras in your underwear drawer? The average number of bras a woman owns varies, but it seems to sit around the 8 or 9 mark.

I’ve seen so many women (post-surgery) telling me how they love bra shopping for their new boobs… so expect that quoted number to be higher. But seriously, it’s not actually the quantity but the quality that matters.

I certainly have some bras that are more comfortable than others. If you find one of your bras is like a trusty pair of jeans and you’re wearing it all the time, try and buy a few more the same.

A frequent flyer bra should last you about six months before the material becomes too stretchy to do its job of supporting your girls. That’s quite a high bra turnover!

One thing’s for sure…

…you should definitely have more than one bra!

Keep Getting Measured

Bras after a breast augmentation… above all, you’re imagining something so big you can wear it on your head! But, it really is as important as ever to make sure the bras you wear after your surgery fit.

It’s all part of protecting your investment.

The *best* time to start your bra shopping whirlwind is when you have fully dropped and fluffed (when your implants have settled in to place and softened up). When this happens varies from woman to woman but is around the 3-6 months mark post-op.

Complete healing takes 6-12 months after breast augmentation, and things can change for that entire period, not just for the first few weeks or months. Your breasts will still change size and shape as you get older, and if you gain/lose weight, or get pregnant.

Get measured regularly to ensure your bras are fit for purpose.

Support Your Girls

I’m not talking about a cheerleading chant!

Sports bra 2

Breast implants add weight to your breasts (pretty obvious I know). So, it figures that the shape of your breasts can be affected by this extra weight, especially if there was any looseness to your breasts to begin with. So, good support in your bras is a MUST.

Exercise is good for everything… except your breasts! Bouncing about during exercise puts a lot of stress on breast tissue.

A good, supportive sports bra will go a long way to ensuring your girls are not only comfortable but protected against the stresses of exercise. It might feel tight at first, but you’ll grow to appreciate the support and security of a sports bra.

Bras aren’t exactly designed to be comfortable items of clothing… their job role is support after all thankfully we can buy some pretty bras that have style and substance. Be sure to check with your surgeon about their own specific recommendations.

From surgical compression wear to sports bras, and those sexy numbers you wear for someone’s eyes only 😉 Just make sure it fits 😉


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