Body Piercings Before and After a Breast Augmentation

Whether you’ve got just your ears pierced or you’re a full-on piercing fanatic, there’s a few things you should know about body piercings before and after a breast augmentation.


Piercing Before Surgery

First, every surgeon has different pre- (and post-) surgery recommendations about body piercing, so if you’re considering a new piercing definitely discuss your plans with your surgeon!

If the body area you want pierced is your nipples don’t be surprised if your surgeon advises holding-off until you’re completely healed from your BA.

Getting your nipples pierced before a BA wouldn’t be advisable unless your surgery is at least 2 months (and up to 6 months) away – this way your piercings would be fully healed before you get your breast implants.

There’s one general rule about piercings before you head in to a planned surgery…

You should remove ALL jewelry and piercings.

This is for two main reasons:

  1. To reduce the risk of infection – your surgeon will need to ensure that your body and skin are sterile (no bacteria present) to avoid any risk of infection both during and after surgery. Removing your piercings (where bacteria can collect around) and cleaning the surgical area with a special medical soap are important.
  2. To prevent burns from surgical tools – this applies to piercings in the surgical area (nipples in a BA!). If an electric cautery device (used in surgery to make the surgical ‘cuts’ and seal bleeding blood vessels) is used any metal jewelry in the surgical area could conduct the electrical current from the device and cause burns to the tissue or skin *eek*.

Expect to remove your body piercings some time before (up to 2 days) or on the day of surgery.

Some surgeons may okay the use of a plastic spacer to protect a nipple piercing during surgery. However, plastic jewelry can still harbor bacteria so it’s probably best to keep nipple piercings out completely during surgery.


Some surgeons will replace your nipple jewelry at the end of your surgery. If your surgeon’s advise is to wait until some time after surgery to replace your nipple jewelry it could be because for one of a number of reasons.

The main one is risk of infection ( because of the possible link between bacteria/infection and capsular contracture) and another is about the possible effect of skin stretching from the jewelry while you’re healing (and the impact on your cosmetic outcome).

I can get that this may come as a cause of worry… you may be worried about your piercings healing up!

But, this is definitely a case where you should…

Put your breasts before your piercings.

Piercing After Surgery

Advice around getting a body piercing after surgery also varies!

1) you really don’t want to risk any infection while you’re healing from surgery (especially in the nipple) and, for nipple piercings, 2) you should wait until you know what your final outcome from breast implant surgery is so you don’t cause any potential cosmetic complications to your nipples.

If your surgeon gives you the thumbs up to get piercings after surgery, it’s really important to go to an experienced, professional piercer.

Look after your boobs first, think about piercings second!

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