5 Ways Your Old Bras Can Change the World

After getting breast implants, I know how tempting it can be to throw away your old bras or have a “Bra Burning Party” to celebrate your new additions. But before you do that, I want to tell you about 5 organizations who want to change the world with your old bras!


Free The Girls Bra Donation

Free The Girls is an organization that provides an opportunity for women who have been rescued from sex trafficking to make a living by selling second-hand clothing. Free The Girls have a specific focus on bras for two reasons. First, bras are a sought after commodity overseas. Second, selling bras allows these women to be able to work directly with other women as they heal from being abused by males.

You can find a list of drop-off locations as well as a ship-to address right here.


Bra Recyclers

Did you know that 85% of used clothing goes into landfills, but that 95% of it could have been recycled? But thanks to The Bra Recyclers, we now have a way of making sure our old bras get properly reused in order to help the environment and lives of those around us!

For instructions on how to have your old bras recycled, visit BraRecycling.com.


Bras For A Cause

Bras For A Cause is a year-long distribution center that makes sure women in homeless shelters and women who have survived breast cancer have a bra that fits. I love the impact they are making in these women’s lives!

For donation information, visit DonateYourBra.com.


Bra Donation Logo

Homeless women frequently request bras from shelters, but have a difficult time finding their size. Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere’s mission is to impact women’s lives who are homeless and in transition to rebuilding their lives. What a wonderful cause!

For drop off information, you can visit their Facebook page.


Uplift Project

The Uplift Project focuses on women who live in disadvantaged communities around the world, including those in Fiji, Cambodia, and Botswana. Bras are often unobtainable or unaffordable; and since these women feel a tremendous obligation to meet the needs of their families, spending money on a bra for herself can feel like an unforgivable sin.

To help provide comfort and dignity to these women, you can find the Australia mailing address at UpliftBras.com.

After getting breast implants, I sincerely hope you will consider donating or recycling your bras that not longer fit to one of these wonderful causes. With 300,000 women a year in the U.S. getting a breast augmentation, just imagine the difference that all of us could make in the lives of women around the world!

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