5 Things to Expect During a Consultation for Breast Implants

I don’t know about you, but I get really nervous anytime I have to go to the doctor’s office. I really enjoy vibrant, uplifting environments—which is the exact opposite of the sterile, utilitarian feel of the doctor’s office I’ve typically been in.

And it might seem silly, but one of the things that held me back from getting implants was having to meet and interact with a plastic surgeon. The unknown is scary!

  • What should I expect to happen?
  • What kind of questions would I be asked?
  • Would I even get to meet the surgeon?

I don’t want you to have the same anxieties, so let’s chat!

Office Staff & Patient Coordinators

Great leaders have great teams, so you should have very high expectations of the office staff that will be serving you during the process of your breast augmentation.

The best-of-the-best plastic surgeons will have a dedicated Patient Coordinator on their team that will walk through each step of your procedure with you. They won’t get upset when you ask 300 questions, and they’ll always respond with, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Expect to meet the members of the office staff that you will be working most closely with, and make sure you are confident in their ability to serve you well.

Plastic Surgery Office Environments

I’ve been in a lot of different plastic surgeon’s offices over the last few years, and the last thing most of them are is sterile and utilitarian. Dr. Jeremy Pyle’s office (in Raleigh, NC) is a great example of what I’m talking about:

Even the operating room is beautifully laid out and designed. (If you’ve ever been into a typical operating room, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

You should expect to get a tour of the office during your visit, and it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for one if you don’t happen to be offered.

Meeting the Plastic Surgeon

At some point during your consultation, you should definitely get to spend some time with the plastic surgeon who would be performing your breast augmentation.

Ya’lls meeting should not feel hurried or rushed, and you should get to talk about the results that you’re hoping for. This is the perfect time to show the surgeon the photos you brought with you, as well.

Most surgeons will also have a set of saline and silicone breast implants for you to play with and try on—which is always a lot of fun 🙂

Getting Your Breasts Examined

During your consultation, it’s very likely that the surgeon is going to ask to see your breasts. Great plastic surgeons ensure this is not an awkward experience for you.

I know this sounds uncomfortable to a lot of ladies, but again, really good surgeons have a wonderful gift of making you feel unusually comfortable during this part of the consultation.

Yes, they will touch your breasts. No, it won’t be sexual.

Details and Logistics

Last (but certainly not least!), your consultation will likely include some sort of chat about scheduling, financials, travel, etc. As this point, I always prefer when the plastic surgeon hands the conversation off to his office staff.

They tend to be much more passionate and equipped in this area.

I’ve only heard of a few “high-pressure sales” horror stories, and let’s be honest… you’ve already decided if you’re going to get your breast implants at this practice before you even walk out the door, right?

All in all, don’t sweat it. Your breast implants consultation should be described using words like: relaxed, low-key, fun, lively, disarming, organized, and informative. You should expect to leave feeling energized about your upcoming procedure, anticipating the wonderful world of having a breast augmentation 🙂

As always, love you ladies and I hope this helps!

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