5 Reasons to Go Over the Muscle

One of the main choices to make when getting implants is whether to have your implants placed over or under the muscle (subglandular or submuscular).


Subglandular is when the implant is positioned over the chest muscle (the dark pink bit in the picture) and the breast tissue lies over the top

Submuscular is when the implant is positioned underneath the chest muscle.

Most implants are placed under the muscle and because of this some say going under is best. But (as with all things implant related), it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

So, when might implants over the muscle be the right choice for you?


What Goes Before

The main reason most implants get placed under the muscle (unders) is to hide the implant.

So unders are generally recommended for women who have very little breast tissue or body fat, as it reduces the chance of seeing the implant’s ripples or edges.

However, there are some breast shapes that are better suited to a subglandular (over the muscle) placement of breast implants.

What your natural breasts look like can determine if going over the muscle is right for you. Here are 5 tips to help you decide!

Go ‘Over’ If…

Getting your implants placed over the muscle would work well if…

  • Your breasts were once (or are still) quite large – when your breast volume has decreased, implants over the muscle can fill out the skin of ’empty’ boobs.
  • You have drooping breasts and don’t want a lift – going over the muscle can have the effect of a little bit of a lift, which can be enough to perk up mild drooping. (This will only work if your breast tissue is loose, but not sagging.)
  • You want a faster recovery – this won’t be the only reason, but recovery from implants placed over the muscle is generally quicker.
  • You want a more augmented look – if you are leaner and want an enhanced look from your implants, placing them over the muscle will give you a stand out upper pole of the breast, creating a rounded, more defined look.
  • You are (or plan to be) a competitive athlete/weightlifter/bodybuilder – an implant under the muscle will move with the chest muscle. This is called ‘flex distortion’ and can look a little strange and unnatural when large chest muscles are flexed, changing the shape of the breast… a bit like this:


Still Not Sure…

If you’re unsure about a recommendation from a surgeon to get implants over the muscle, first of all keep the dialogue open.

You should trust your surgeon’s decisions.

It’s important to remember that both implant placement options are absolutely fine!

Visit with two or three surgeons and see what they say specifically in regard to you, your body, and your desires so you can make the right choice for you. 🙂

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