3 Questions with Dominique Le Toullec

This is Dominique Le Toullec…

3 Questions with Dominique Le Toullec

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dominique, you’re seriously missing out. She has accomplished just about everything there is to do in the world of personal training and modeling, but honestly, that’s not my favorite part about her…

You don’t have to follow Dominique for long to realize that there is way more to her than just a pretty face (and smashing body!) She is genuinely passionate about helping other people succeed.

We need more people like that on the planet.

Jenny Eden: So you’re not only a certified personal trainer, but you’re also a registered fitness professional and an instructor for MMAXFit Level 1 boxing, kickboxing, and MMA (just to name a few). What’s the drive behind always pushing yourself to the next level?

Dominique: For me, being a trainer is a blessing. I get to do what I love and call it my job. I help people and make them feel great about themselves. I am changing peoples lives, something I couldn’t have done to this extent (I felt) within my industry in the corporate world.

Results also keep me extremely motivated.

I love keeping my body in shape and being lean and toned all year around. Watching other people achieve their goals and being able to help them achieve them is also one of the most rewarding feelings that is a constant motivation.

Jenny Eden: I love how you say, “Motivation is what gets you started, but habit is what keeps you going.” What would you say to women who desire to create new, healthy habits in their life, but just aren’t sure where they should start?

Dominique: I really do believe we have to live life and have everything in moderation. Now by saying that, this is what I mean. Stick to a healthy, clean lifestyle as best as you can…

But if you fall of the wagon and do something naughty, do not beat yourself up over it.

You only live one life, you have to enjoy it! And usually when you treat yourself to something naughty, it saves you from over indulging down the track because you have deprived yourself!

My other tip is when you do feel like indulging try and so it in a healthy way.

Instead of milk chocolate, have dark. Create your own meals at home. I make the best pizza and burgers ever and they taste a lot better than any item I buy from the store or a restaurant and that’s because I know what I am eating.

When I know the ingredients, I am comfortable enjoying every single bite! Having control over the ingredients that go into your mouth is gold, and can often be what controls the results you’re after.

Jenny Eden: Most of the women who follow my site are either considering or already have a breast augmentation. When you are training a woman who has breast implants, do you take any special precautions or avoid any particular exercises?

Dominique: I definitely do, and everyone is different so you definitely need to consult with your doctor on this one. Usually anyone that has their boobs done should wait some time before they do any chest exercises, but every procedure is different so every case is different. I would concentrate on more legs/abs and light upper body until you have fully recovered which can take months.

This one really needs to be determined by your own personal doctor and personal trainer.

Dominique Le Toullec
Elite Strength Coach

Dominique Le Toullec is a veteran to the health and fitness industry. She has a strong background within personal training, a background in modeling in fitness and fashion, and great success stories in creating lean and sexy bikini body transformations.

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